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Star Platinum Water Damage Restoration - Mold Remediation in Fort Worth Texas

Star Platinum Water Damage Restoration Mold Remediation Services

Mold-Remediation--in-Fort-Worth-Texas-Mold-Remediation-3299648-imageStar Platinum Water Damage Restoration offers professional mold remediation services for residential and commercial properties in Fort Worth, Texas. Our team of certified professionals is equipped with the latest technology and tools to identify, contain, remove and prevent future growth of mold.

Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your property to determine the extent of the problem. We use advanced equipment such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to detect hidden sources of water that may be contributing to mold growth.

Once we have identified all affected areas, our team will work quickly to contain the spread by sealing off contaminated spaces using plastic sheeting or other materials. We then proceed with removing any visible signs of mold from surfaces like walls, ceilings or floors using specialized cleaning agents designed specifically for this purpose.

After removal is complete, we apply antimicrobial treatments on all affected surfaces which help eliminate any remaining spores that could cause further damage if left untreated. Finally, we conduct a final inspection before decontaminating air ducts or HVAC systems where necessary.

At Star Platinum Water Damage Restoration in Fort Worth TX ,we understand how important it is for you to get back into your home or business as soon as possible after experiencing water damage caused by flooding or leaks.Our goal is always customer satisfaction through quality service delivery!